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Maximize Strengths

Overcome Limiting Behavior

Improve Team Dynamics

Harness WOW-Factor Leadership

...and have fun doing it

What is it?

Fiercely Female is an interactive leadership program for women interested in expanding their leadership capabilities with an engaged, creative approach

how does it work?

Our developmental program uses improv, visualization and mindfulness tools alongside powerful coaching to access greater intuition, productivity and creativity



Who we are

diverse - inspired - dynamic

the free spirited businesswoman    Jennifer Davis

the free spirited businesswoman

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer's our business guru coach. She's a whiz at strategic planning and detail, served with a healthy slice of fun and humor.

the hardline lawyer    Elizabeth McCourt

the hardline lawyer

Elizabeth McCourt

Elizabeth's our former trial lawyer-turned coach. Want some searing truth with witty compassion? She's got it in droves.

the broadway performer    Kyle post

the broadway performer

Kyle post

Kyle's our Broadway performer coach. His creative spirit and grounded energy help get you out of your head and into action.

whats the buzz?

The energy of the three coaches was amazing, fun and dynamic. They worked so well together and each has a different personality and background, so every woman could relate to at least one of the coaches on a deep and personal level.
— one awesome woman
I realized how far I’d let myself drift from my core values. The coaches kicked my butt and reconnected me to my fierce female self, and it was just the push I needed to transform my life.
— a badass chick
I got so much out of the workshop. I’ve attended a lot of leadership programs with content that wasn’t especially actionable. I took away tools from this one that I could use immediately for personal branding and strength.
— yet another awesome woman




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