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Want to amplify personal growth, increase professional impact and feel like a Badass

A Leadership Program

like no other


if you are intrigued...

Fiercely Female is an interactive leadership program for established and emerging professionals interested in pushing past limits and expanding leadership capabilities with an engaged, creative approach.

Our mission is to challenge you to step into a dynamic space of imagination and fun to access intuition and creativity, thereby adding a new dimension of leadership. By maximizing your strengths, eliminating limiting behaviors and recognizing your role in team dynamics, you’ll be able to own your power and become a more skillful leader. 

release your inner super hero

release your inner super hero

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Our developmental coaching programs go beyond traditional methods, working with improvisation, visualization, mindfulness and play. Coaching sessions between workshops allow you to go deeper and discover where you’re stuck and how to apply strategies learned. An environment of curiosity will enable improved performance through changes in awareness, perspectives, beliefs, actions and emotions.

this is the face of an intrigued badass,like you 

this is the face of an intrigued badass,like you 

Fiercely Female is for women who want to

  • Project more leadership authority and engage more authentically

  • Build resilience, inner strength and confidence 

  • Disengage with inner critics, overcome negative energy and reduce anxiety

  • Leverage competencies,  limit reactive tendencies and discover how old beliefs hinder leadership impact

  • Expand capacity for mindfulness and inner peace

  • Strengthen team and personal relationships, especially during conflict

  • Experience and walk away with tools for increased leadership effectiveness

practicing mindfulness to stay centered

practicing mindfulness to stay centered


what to expect

Our team will work closely with your company or group to customize a program that best suits your needs, which can include:

also expect a man in 6 inch heels

also expect a man in 6 inch heels

  • Interactive workshops (from one hour to full day)

  • One-on-one or group coaching 

  • Mastermind sessions and online learning/webinars

  • Leadership Assessments & 360’s


Benefits of Coaching

Studies have shown that organizations with a strong coaching culture have higher employee engagement, retention, wellness and skill development. Coaching enables:

  • Creation of positive new neural pathways leading to lasting  change and increased brain capacity

  • A better brain state for learning, visioning and growth

  • Greater focus, resilience and stress recovery

  • More effective decision-making

  • Increased emotional intelligence, empathy and creativity

Interested in offering Fiercely Female to your business or group? We would love to hear from you.

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